A Workshop to Soothe the Anxious Mind and Body

The Worrier to Warrior workshop is a safe, calming and empowering experience I created after conquering disordered anxiety and panic. 

Attain the tool box of techniques I’ve collected on my path, including gentle yoga, intentional movement, breath work, meditations, visualizations, inquiry and journaling. 

You will learn to:

  • Use your breath and mindfulness to calm your body and mind
  • Build a renewed relationship of trust with your body
  • Discover the roots of anxious thinking
  • Empower yourself to overcome harmful beliefs
  • Create a much kinder inner commentary
  • Choose love over fear
  • Build resilience
  • Cultivate real self-worth and self-compassion

This workshop is

  • An individual healing experience. You will not be required to speak or share in front of the group
  • A chance to learn techniques to help you become grounded and present within your body
  • A discovery of how to calm the body and mind using your breath

This workshop is

  • An opportunity to use movement to reconnect with yourself
  • A chance to experience meditations and visualizations intended to comfort and empower
  • A time to explore journaling prompts to reveal insights and clarity.

This workshop is

  • An offering to help you compassionately question your thoughts and cultivate a kinder inner voice
  • An invitation to understand the guidance in emotions
  • An opportunity for self care and self love

“What People Say About Lisa and The Worrier to Warrior Workshop”

The material presented is rich with wisdom and easily relatable. I left the workshop feeling stronger, with a new excitement for growth and the sense that anything is possible!
— Amy- Seattle, WA
Lisa is a highly skilled yoga teacher, inquiry teacher and compassionate communicator. Her authentic way of being in the world is inspiring and I highly recommend this empowering workshop
— Jodi- Armstrong, BC
Lisa’s ability to share and teach others essential tools for a healthy mind, body and spirit is beautiful to witness. She holds space for you while you learn to hold space for yourself”
— Jennifer, Vancouver, BC

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