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Yoga led me on a journey of self-discovery and helped me heal a long battle with anxiety. I’ve gathered countless empowering tools I’m honoured to share with you.

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If you're ready to overcome fear and move toward love, let's work together to support you as you step into the life you were meant to live.

Lisa Dumas

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 Self-Discovery Sessions

Work with me in a virtual space to soothe your anxious mind and body and reclaim your courageous heart. I am passionate about helping women shift fearfulness, shame and perfectionism by empowering them with the ability to question their minds, cultivate a kinder inner voice and reconnect with the part of them that is not afraid.

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The Worrier to Warrior® Workshop

Learn to calm your body and mind through mindful movement, breath techniques, guided meditations and countless inspiring tools in this unique and healing experience of self-care and self-understanding. Book this workshop for your studio, corporation, retreat or event. People are very attracted to this workshop and highly recommend it. 

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The Worrier to Warrior® Online Course

Coming soon! A rich online program allowing you to embark on a healing journey on your own time. The intention of the course is to help you gather practices and customize supportive rituals to help you step into a calm, inspired life. Includes meaningful and healing yoga and meditation practices, opportunities for self-reflection and self-discovery and keys to developing radical self-compassion.

The Worrier to Warrior® Workshop

The Worrier to Warrior® workshop is a safe and calming experience I created after conquering disordered anxiety and panic.

Attain the tool box of techniques I’ve collected on my path, including gentle yoga, intentional movement, breath work, meditations, visualizations, inquiry and journaling. Contact me to share this life changing workshop with your group or community.

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About Me


Wounds can
become wisdom

Lisa dumas


After spending 11 years as a radio host, I came to yoga over a decade ago seeking respite from disordered panic and chronic anxiety. I received near immediate relief after discovering the power of the breath and its guidance to the present moment. Newfound presence taught me to compassionately question my thoughts and rebuild a relationship with my body. Always a seeker, my studies are continuous as I gratefully share the teachings that have supported my own evolution so far.

I believe yoga can be a practice of self discovery leading to self love. In classes, workshops, online and with one on one clients, I share the grounding and intentional qualities of physical postures in combination with meaningful insights and tools from the realms of western psychology and personal development. Whether it's peace, strength, flexibility of the body and mind, physical or emotional healing we seek, yoga, meditation, mindfulness and the empowering tools I teach can help show us the way. I am passionate about being a teacher, a student and a coach with a strong intention to help other worriers become warriors. 

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What people say about  Lisa

During a very intense long period of uncertainty in my life and my families, I found I was not engaging with life, others and myself in a open and compassionate way like I had. This compounded my feelings of sadness but also I felt a destructive heightened awareness about events that I anticipated or were experiencing. Through Lisa’s dialogue, empathy, natural teaching and guiding ability and actual doable tangible things to implement in the moment of uncertainty, I was able to better embrace the waves coming at me and ride them without drowning. I could not recommend Lisa and her course more highly. Even if you don’t think you worry! You will get life skills for when you recognize that you are and become a warrior-
— Kate. Melbourne, Australia
What Lisa offers her clients and students is greater than a service. It is truly a gift. She is able to create a safe container for her students to simultaneously heal AND become empowered. This gift can only come from first walking the path herself and then opening her heart to send the gift to others. She is truly one of a kind. 
— Aimee. Columbus, Ohio
Lisa teaches from her own personal life experience and THAT is what is so transformational. When you meet Lisa, you would never guess in a million years that she was someone who has suffered with anxiety & panic. She inspires real & sustainable strength. She leads by example. She holds space for you while you learn to hold space for Yourself.
— Sandra. BC, Canada